How are you using our latest smart product for pets?
How are you using our latest smart product for pets?

How are you using our latest smart product for pets?

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Your pets are an important part of your life, we understand your love for them and thank you for taking the time and resources to invest in our latest smart product for your fur baby.

In order to better serve your needs by continually improving upon our products, and creating new products in the future, we'd like to know how you are using this innovative pet product in your homes, on the road and what you think about it.

**To participate in this hunt: **

  1. Snap a photo or take a video
  2. Upload it onto the SmartLife platform
  3. Using the text box, tell us about how you use the product, whether it completely meets your need, and if there is anything that you'd like to improve upon it.

Your feedback will help us better serve you and your pets. Your feedback is important to us and we thank you for taking the time to submit it.

Start:Mar 14, 2017
End:Jan 19, 2022


    First Place: Existing Products

    Our team will subjectively look at all of the responses provided, and determine which makes the most impact upon this existing product. We'll feature your pet in an upcoming social media post.

    First Place: Future Products

    Our team is actively working on bringing you another great innovative pet product. We are taking your feedback into consideration on this project as well, and the feedback that we deem the most impactful, will be rewarded with a free product as soon as we finish our first production run.

The winners!

I use the Remote Camera at work
By Leonardo Jenkins