Share your favorite spot in the city!
Share your favorite spot in the city!

Share your favorite spot in the city!

We need your help to boost tourism

The City is creating a new advertising campaign, and we want to feature you.

We know that you love your city, and you should - our town is unlike any other! Rather than tell people what we know, we want to show them. So we're hosting a contest to feature images of our residents in their favorite places across the city.

To enter:

  1. get your family and/or friends together in your favorite spot in town
  2. Snap a photo.
  3. Upload the photo to this platform
  4. Share your photo submission with your friends and family to get them to vote.

The top five entries with the most votes will be featured in a social media campaign, on Facebook and Instagram.

The top 100 entries will be featured in an airport display to greet new arrivals, and show them some of the best kept secrets in town.

Good luck! We cannot wait to see your photos!

Start:May 22, 2017
End:Jan 2, 2020


    Top Five

    The top five submissions will be featured in a rotating social media add: specifically on Facebook and Instagram

    Top 100

    Will be featured in a display in the airport, greeting new arrivals to our city.